After this period of consolidation, one can see a breakout in prices and the continuation of the downtrend in the picture posted below. In the picture above, one can see a long downtrend followed by a period of consolidation. A pennant is one of the many candlestick patterns used in technical analysis of stocks to identify trading opportunities. The volume should increase with the initial movement of this pattern formation, followed by a weakening in volume and then an increase in volume on a breakout. In a pennant, the price movement is characterized by converging trend lines, similar to those of a symmetrical triangles.

bearish pennant pattern

I once attended a neighborhood flea market that was scattered over various lanes, alleyways, parks and other public spaces. Look at those colourful pennants, she said gesturing at rows of rainbow-coloured triangle shaped flags suspended above the street. The analysis and discussion provided on Moneymunch is for your education and entertainment only, it is not recommended for trading purposes. The Moneymunch is not an investment adviser and information obtained here should not be taken for professional investment advice.

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Once the recovery begins from the low of the head, a chartist can draw an extended neckline connecting the low of the left shoulder and the low of the head. The recovery from the low of the head fails to break the previous peak before heading south again. The pattern is complete and a reversal is indicated once price breaks below the neckline connecting the low of the left shoulder and the low of the head. The neckline could be upward sloping, horizontal, or downward sloping. Based on experience, an upward sloping or horizontal neckline is preferred over a downward sloping neckline. Don’t get confused between pennant and flag price chart patterns.

  • While the continuation pattern is created in a short time frame, the turnaround pattern formation takes longer, i.e. 3-6 months.
  • OPTION STRATEGIES Options allow the investor to sculpt the returns in their portfolio.
  • The Pennant is also like to the Symmetrical Triangle or Wedge continuation patterns nevertheless; the Pennant is generally smaller in period and flies horizontally.
  • The entire formation takes the shape of a ‘U’, and hence is called a rounding bottom.
  • For instance, as long as there is an uptrend, or a string of higher highs and higher lows, the buyers are in charge of the price movement.

Let us examine a real-life example of a bullish pennant pattern and see how we could have initiated a profitable trade. First of all, one needs to measure the height of the flagpole to the point at which the breakout of the price is seen. That should be extended on the chart to reach the target profit point where it is safe to exit the trade. Pennants are similar to flags in terms of the structure, have converging trend lines during their consolidation period and typically last from one to three weeks. Most traders use pennants in combination with other forms of technical analysis to serve as confirmation.

Double bottom (Pattern type: Bullish Reversal)

But Pennants are typically smaller in size, indicating lower volatility and shorter duration. The pennants are similar to a flag except that it’s formed by converging, rather than parallel lines. Thereafter for risk management purposes, you can put a stop-loss order above the resistance trendline.

bearish pennant pattern

Finally, volume must increase during the third part of the pattern when price is rising. The rise in volume during the third part along with rising price suggests that buying interest is picking up. Finally, the breakout must be accompanied by a sharp pickup in volume, without which, the validity of the breakout will be in question.

A flag pattern indicates that there is a strong directional move followed by a small, slightly counter trend retracement or consolidation. The establishment of the streamer physique in mechanical examination designates that the movement has gained strength and will preserve its defecation with acceleration. For an investor, this is a bright bit and location to participate in the marketplace and manage long sighted positions.

One should find the lowest price point in the pennant pattern and set the stop loss at that point. After a long uptrend, some traders close their positions and exit forward price definition due to which consolidation phase can be seen. At the same time, more buyers start joining the trend causing the price of the security to break above the pennant.


The above chart shows rising wedge acting as a reversal pattern. Notice the failure of price to touch the upper trendline during the final up move within the pattern. Notice how the selling accelerated once price broke below the lower trendline. The presence of a gap between the breakdown candle and the immediately following candle further validates the bearishness of this break. Talking about volume characteristics, volume is quite random during the formation of the pattern.

bearish pennant pattern

The pattern comprises of at least two highs and at least two bottoms, with the second high being lower than the first high and the second bottom essentially at the same level as the first bottom. The bottoms can be connected using a horizontal trendline, while the peaks can be connected using a downward sloping trendline. Although this is a bearish pattern, do not pre-empt that the break will happen on the downside. Wait until the price breaks below the horizontal support line before deciding to initiate a trade. What makes a descending triangle bearish is the structure of the pattern. Each high is lower than its preceding high, suggesting that the sellers are aggressively offering the price at lower levels.

The careful use of indicators can add a confirmation to your analysis and help in making informed trading decisions. Enter your long trade as soon as a candlestick has closed above the pennant’s upper trend line. Here are some of the top books that a beginner trader can refer to gain an understanding of the financial market.

To corroborate the legality of the pointer may pay interest to the loudness of trade. They should be at least a third more appropriate than they were previously when the representation was formed. When the payment kinetics go beyond the geometric configuration this is attended by a shrill increase in trading volumes. Once a position is initiated post the break from a pattern, monitor the price movement regularly.

The pole is the result of a vertical rise or decline in price and the flag results from a period of small consolidation. The bank has a market capitalization of INR 4,76,395 crores and trades at a P/E ratio of 13.47, compared to the sector’s average of 20.6. In the last one year, the share price of SBI has delivered a return of around 10.8%, outperforming the Nifty Bank’s return of 1.25% but now the tide seems to be turning for SBI. No matter how certain you are of the outcome of your prediction, never lose sight of the fact that there are no guarantees on the stock market. Note that price patterns can be applied to line chart, bar chart, or candle chart.

The downtrend continues with another identical-sized fall in price. It creates an opportunity for short trading, looking to make a profit from a second significant fall in price. Its dynamics are formed by alternate development of pulsating and corrections. The streamer is bacilar straight away later the pulse, it clearly rises outside facing the grounding of the smoothen kink of the graph. Weekly inside bar, respecting the levels of 417, needs at least one daily closing below 515.

Pennant Pattern Definition

However, being a bearish continuation pattern, when price is trading with the triangle, expect modest upticks in volume during declines and downticks in volume during advances. Such a development enhances the likelihood of a downside break. Preferably, the breakdown from the triangle must be accompanied by an increase in volume.

Technical/Fundamental Analysis Charts & Tools provided for research purpose. Please be aware of the risk’s involved in trading & seek independent advice, if necessary. According to Martin Pring, a pattern that surpasses “4 weeks to build should … be addressed with care”. After 4 weeks, attention in the stock is likely to reduce to point that it is unlikely to maintain in a powerful downtrend.

The pattern consists of three troughs, just the opposite of its bearish counterpart. Once this bottom is made, price usually recovers part of the decline before finding resistance. Price then declines from the high of the left shoulder, makes a new low, and then heads higher and back towards the high of the left shoulder.

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1.Study based on one technical indicators sometimes gives false signals and proved to be very dangerous. Therefore its always advisable to incorporate other technical study for reconfirmation. It is also of two types depending on the direction of the trend. Once the pattern is correctly identified and the trade has been initiated at the right moment, one stands the chance of gaining good returns. In all, it helps you in learning the concepts from the experience and failure of other traders.

Although the second half of the pattern took more time to unfold than the first half of the pattern, that is still fine as long as it does not stretch too long. Also notice how volume declined during the first half of the pattern, increased during the second half, and further accelerated during the breakdown from the neckline. Such an increase in volume increases the likelihood of a reversal in trend.