Under “Hardware and Sound“, click “Configure a device“. You may be prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. The “Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter” window will open.

As you can see, disk errors can occur in many different ways.Keep your distance – but be careful. Over the years, the desire for disk space has remained in line with advances in storage technology.Defragmentation of the disk is important.A cleaner for the internet history. It may be caused by problems with the hard disk drive or by viruses that can damage the hard disk file system or the boot loader. It will help you to get access to your data in case of software errors, damages in the disk file system, and many other cases. After you have completed any of the above steps, we strongly recommend you to check your hard drive using special utilities.

Defragment the Hard Drive

Remove it and plug it into another PC and see what happens. You can also run the disk repair from there and scan for bad sectors if your PC isn’t booting up. Bad sectors on your primary hard drive are a recipe for serious errors, such as the inability of the OS to read the disk. Your hard drive itself could be damaged, or it could merely be that some sectors on it have been corrupted. The inside of your PC is a mishmash of different hardware components connected to one another by an assortment of power cables and data cables. Even software technicians can have a hard time keeping up with which cable goes with which hardware component, never mind casual PC users.

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  • To open the Event Viewer, go to the Start menu and select Programs, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer.
  • Use the current_only attribute to specify whether to index all preexisting events in a given log channel.

I am one of the Technology Savvy who also loves to write about technology. I have well experienced in the field of IT and I am Author of this Blog Hitechwhizz which was created to help people fix Technology related complications and answer their queries. And also outdated BIOS has known to be the cause of this error. Therefore, updating the BIOS to a newer version has also roved effective. Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution. A hard or forced reset may restore functionality.

How to Use Chkdsk to Fix Hard Disk Errors

There’s a Windows version that quickly tests your drive for errors and a DOS tool that can be run at startup from a CD-ROM or USB drive. The DOS tool didn’t work on my machine for some reason, but it can possibly fix hard drive errors so you can salvage the drive. Sometimes, hard disk issues are caused by faulty drivers and firmware.

However, the actual cause of this problem varies from one affected laptop to another and can be anything from a hardware problem to a software problem. Hence there is no set resolution or solution for this problem. However, there are a few different solutions that you can try Read more and fix the problem on your own, and the following are some of the most effective. Apart from hard drive or BIOS, the “A disk read error occurred” can result from faulty RAM stick or slot.