I only get SSL connection error when I try to use meetup-I had no problem for two years, then suddenly last week, it stopped. The SSL connection error only appears when I try to use this website. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Once the updates are downloaded, install them and your Windows will become up-to-date. Now click on the “Check for updates” button to check for any available updates. If updates are found, make sure to install the latest browser by clicking on the Update button.

  • If your printer stops working, you can try doing the process again.
  • After I review that information I’ll demonstrate accessing the logs in each version.
  • You can also modify how the logs are arranged by clicking on any of the column headers.

A router has its own CPU, memory, and operating system, which can sometimes overheat or experience errors. Restarting your router is a quick and easy way to refresh it. Make sure to wait at least a few seconds before turning it on again. On the new window, scroll down until you find Manual proxy setup and turn on Use proxy server. A proxy can help you check whether the website connects properly via another network.

Clean up the Windows Image with the DISM Tool

Up until then well, I couldn’t update things like browser and if that was not up to date, I couldn’t do things. So I got windows 10 and it is version1607 in a refurbished computer, Dell T1700 and it is gonna stay there. I found a way to REALLY disable the updater pest. I never got a virus or anything like that because I don’t do stupid stuff.

You can check the “Align partitions to 1MB ” option to improve the performance for advanced format disk & SSD. After finishing the disk test, if there are some bad sectors, you should take a measure to shield them. Unfortunately, MiniTool Partition Wizard doesn’t have this feature. Instead, we find What to Do If I Find Bad Sectors on Hard Drive in Windows 10/8/7?.

Step 4Fix error code 53 iTunes

However, you can clear the log history to free up space or make it easier to track an existing problem. Use the “Logged” drop-down menu and select a time range. After you complete the steps, the event will be highlighted in the list if a match is found.

How To Fix Inaccessible Flash Drive Windows 7.

Choose the “Update this PC now” option and it will run and update your system. You can also save the ISO to a hard drive or USB stick and run it from there. If you are sure the website is trustable, you can manually set it as a msi driver scanners safe website on your Internet Explorer to view it successfully.