A Pencil icon lets you customize what buttons appear, with a choice of Connect , Keyboard Layout, Nearby Sharing , Night Light, and Project. You can still hover over each of the three icons in the Taskbar to see their status, but I prefer to have just sound settings pop up when I press the speaker and just Wi-Fi options when I press the Wi-Fi icon. I’m not especially crazy about the new Taskbar itself, with its smaller, less-informative buttons.

You’ll now see a message telling you whether Windows 10 is activated and whether it’s with a digital license or with a digital license linked to your Microsoft Account. If you buy through an authorized reseller, either digitally or receiving a physical box, you will be provided a copy of the product key which you will need to enter manually. It’s a good idea to keep this safe in case you ever need it, but if you do misplace it all is not lost – we can definitely help you find your Windows 10 product key so you don’t miss out on important updates. The instructions below are for those of you who opted for the path of least resistance and picked up your PC from the shop – no judgement from us, it’s our chosen path too! If you’ve installed Windows 10 but are now struggling to find your Windows 10 product key so you can access certain features, here’s everything you need to know.

  • The cool part is that when you connect your laptop to an external monitor, Windows 11 will intelligently remember where you placed your apps so you can easily go back to them.
  • Specific versions and editions of Windows 10 have different end of support dates; see Windows 10 version history for a breakdown of dates by version and edition.
  • It will tell you which OS you’re currently using, and what type of processor (64-bit or 32-bit) you’re using.If it says that you have an x86-based processor your computer has a 32-bit processor.
  • Systems that use the legacy Master Boot Record system are unsupported.

How much Windows 11 may cost those who don’t have a copy or missed the free upgrade boat in the past is still unknown. A nice alternative for those that are looking at building a new PC and will want Windows 11 on their system is to buy a discounted copy of Windows 10 now while you can, in preparation for the free update. Multitasking with snap layouts, snap groups, and access to your various desktops via Task View. It only makes sense that some legacy features no longer fit in with the new approach of Windows 11.

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In case Windows 11 is not activated and you still encounter the error, proceed with the methods listed next. If Windows 11 is not accepting the product key, it’s likely a trivial issue and you shouldn’t be bothered if the key was purchased from an official source. Another neat trick with the help of which you will surely be able to find your Windows 10 product key is using the Notepad. There are a series of commands that you’ll have to enter.

As for the apps, Tiny10 has removed all the default apps like the image viewer, internet explorer, media player, etc. Only Notepad and Wordpad are available on this stripped-down build of Windows 10. Moreover, it’s important to know that Tiny10 does not come with Microsoft Store or Windows Security.

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Though Microsoft claimed Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows ever, Windows 11 came with a new visual design, updated apps, touchscreen optimizations, and multitasking features. Microsoft also claims Windows 11 is the most secure release yet. Existing Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free as long as their PC meets the system requirements. When you use several devices and cloud services, your system is only as good as the lowest-level software you have.

Microsoft Windows 11: Gaming

The storage system, mediated by Hyper-V was also updated in https://driversol.com/drivers/video-cards/amd/amd-radeon-r9-m280x this version. The Hyper-V virtual switch and Hyper-V Replica were included in this release to enhance the uptake of hybrid network strategies. By 2012, Microsoft was going all out to win in the Cloud, so it added features to Windows Server to enable better interaction with off-site services. The company marketed Windows Server 2012 as “Cloud OS.” This probably was the ultimate goal of the inclusion of Hyper- V in the Windows Server 2008 version.