Instead of pressing just the PrtScn key, press the Windows key and the PrtScn key together. We hope this guide helped you learn about all the ways in which you can take a screenshot in Windows 11. If you face any issues or have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below. Once the upload is complete, you can access its shareable link by clicking on the notification you get or from the history section in ShareX. Press ‘Windows + S’ on your keyboard and search for the ‘Snipping Tool’.

  • You can also access the full Snipping Tool by clicking on the search icon in the main toolbar and searching for it.
  • So, you can open this application and paste it there.
  • For this we will have to use a tool like Easy ScreenShot Recording.
  • To view this image, head to your Pictures library in Windows Explorer and open the “Screenshots” folder.

You can take a rectangular snip, free snip, window snip, or a full screen from here. However, unlike when you press the PrtSc key, you don’t need to paste the screenshot in an image editor app. Instead, the screenshot saves itself in the “Screenshots” folder as a png image file. You can find the Screenshots folder with automatically labeled images in the Pictures folder of your PC. The Snipping Tool is a part of Windows for a long time.

How do I type a symbol?

This action creates a new TIFF file on your desktop. You may also be able to take a screenshot of your entire screen by pressing the PrintScreen key by itself. The image will be copied to your clipboard; once it’s there, you can paste it into a document or email. One of the easiest ways to save a screenshot taken with the print screen key is to paste it into your photo editing software of choice.

If you have done that, instead of checking the Minecraft or Game Bar folder for your photos, you should look in the Steam screenshots folder where all of your images are stored. You can now take screenshots and at the same time use the keys that are also involved in the keyboard shortcuts for screenshots. It is not something that is used daily surely scansnap ix500 drivers, but it is good to know, like everything. Since what we want is a timed capture, we can only achieve that by using the third option, that of capturing the entire screen.

Alternative: The Snipping Tool

It allows users to take screenshots of the entire browser window, part of the window or an entire webpage. If there’s a PrtScn key on your type cover, you can equally take a screenshot by pressing and holding down the Windows key and hitting the PrtScn key. The shot will be saved to the ‘Screenshots’ folder as mentioned earlier in Method 1.

If you simply press the PrtScr key, the screen will be captured and saved to your clipboard. You can paste it wherever you want, like Paint, Word document, etc. To take screenshots, you just need to open the page you need the screenshots of and hit the PrtScr key. The next step is to open the MS Paint, right-click, and hit Paste tab, or you can just press CTRL+V.